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The Center on Biological Rhythms and Sleep (COBRAS) enables researchers across diverse specialties and departments to readily investigate the impact of sleep and circadian rhythms on their disease of interest. COBRAS also serves as a platform for development of new collaborative projects and grants and can serve as a core for existing programs.

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Funding Opportunities

Wellcome Trust- Mental Health Award

This award will fund teams researching the interdependent roles of sleep and circadian rhythm disruptions in the development and resolution of anxiety, depression and/or psychosis.

Funding£3M (total over 5 years) (US institutions are eligible).
Application Deadline10/19/22 Preliminary questions may be submitted to Wellcome by 9/5, then they will have a prerecorded informational webinar on 9/13. 
Indirect Costs are capped at 15% (of direct costs).

While there is not an institutional limit on proposals, collaborative teams are encouraged. 
There is an institutional approval component in the application portal, so faculty interested in applying should loop in their department grant administrators and contact the Corporate & Foundation Relations Office (daniel.jaschek@wustl.edu).

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