COBRAS Working Groups seek to foster collaboration and new investigation in a specific area related to sleep. Groups are comprised of investigators with similar interests to share and develop ideas about how COBRAS can help advance these areas. A list of our working groups and their leaders are below. If you are interested in joining a specific working group please contact the group’s leader or use this form.

Sleep/Rhythms in Development

Led by Dr. Amy Licis and Dr. Sarah England.

Sleep/Rhythms in Acute and Critical Illness

Led by Dr. Ben Palanca and Dr. S. Kendall Smith.

Sleep/Rhythms in Cardiometabolic Function

Led by Dr. Bettina Mittendorfer and Dr. Sarah Farabi.

Sleep/Rhythms in Implementation/Policy/Outreach

Led by Dr. Brendan Lucey and Dr. Erik Herzog.

Sleep/Rhythms in Neurodegeneration

Led by Dr. Brendan Lucey and Dr. Samira Parhizkar.

Technology for Sleep/Rhythm Detection/Analysis – Human Group

Led by Dr. Yo-El Ju and Dr. MohammadMehdi Kafashan.

Technology for Sleep/Rhythm Detection/Analysis – Preclinical Group

Led by Dr. Aaron Norris, Dr. Tracey Hermanstyne, and Dr. Eric Landsness

Sleep/Rhythms in Inflammation, Immunology, and Infection

Led by Dr. Jeff Haspel and Dr. Huram Mok.